The sport evokes the false love that surrounds the passing of DMX

People around the world continue to grieve and process the untimely death of rap legend DMX.

As fans celebrate X’s life and blow his music up, causing his songs to skyrocket in the charts, conversations about “false love” follow such tragic situations almost immediately.

Fellow artist and DMX friend, rapper The Game, spoke exclusively about it just hours after it was revealed that DMX had failed. DMX died Friday morning at White Plains Hospital, where he was being treated for an overdose and subsequent heart attack.

The game, which mirrored the feelings of others in the rap game, dealt with the question of how artists don’t see the love that DMX gets until they die.

“N **** s really have to die to get love,” tweeted The Game. “If I can’t feel it while I’m here, hold it. #RIPDMX. ”

The game says nothing new. There’s a reason the saying “give people their flowers while they can still smell them” exists.

But a lot of people questioned the timing of the game and had a separate chat about how to celebrate legends when they come by without being ridiculed.

While there were definitely people who agreed with what The Game was saying, others felt that what he said was unnecessary.

“Please keep your negativity, we have always loved X and he knew it,” wrote one roommate.

“DMX HAS IMPACT !!! Game, we honestly don’t care brother. This is not about you and you should be glad it isn’t, ”said another.

Despite what The Game said, people continued to celebrate DMX’s legacy on Friday.

The “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” hit # 1 on US iTunes, according to Chart Data on Twitter.

On Friday evening, the Ruff Ryders also did a balloon release for X.

We continue to keep the loved ones and fans of DMX in our thoughts and prayers.

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