The Senate Republican biden stimulus technique is immediately blasting their faces

Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans have announced that they will vote against the Biden incentive and get the Democrats to own the popular bill.

Erica Werner reported on the Senate’s GOP strategy:

McConnell & Thune predict Senate R will vote unanimously against $ 1.9 billion and, according to Thune, “will turn the Democrats into a bill that I think will have long-term adverse consequences.”

– Erica Werner (@ericawerner), March 2, 2021

Senate Republicans say there is nothing the Democrats can propose to get their votes. Your entire strategy is to get the Democrats to own everything that will happen. The problem for Senate Republicans is that the stimulus plan is overwhelmingly popular.

The Republican message to the American people is that it has nothing to do with the $ 1,400 that will come into your bank account. They reject tax credits that give larger refunds to families in difficulty. Republicans oppose topping up funding for COVID vaccinations, which will allow people to get well and get back to work. Those extra unemployment benefits that help millions of families have a roof over their heads and have food on the table? All democrats.

Republicans in Congress are inconsistent with the rest of the country and the majority of their own party.

McConnell and his caucus have a terrible strategy that is already blowing in their faces.

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