The secrets and techniques of the personal love story of Shakira and Gerard Piqué

The last foray into the marriage was in January 2020 when she posted a video with the coach Anna Kaiser.

“Well, ‘the Kaiser’ won’t let me turn on my phone until I’ve finished training and spent the whole morning with my children,” said Shakira and Anna added, “Yes, because it’s time for you!” ” Shakira smiled and said, “Yes, and my husband can’t find me.”

Kaiser even commented on the post: “I love thinking about the handsome husband who is looking for you.”

However, according to Shakira’s previous comments on marriage, this is just a term of tenderness. She had the same questions when she was at de la Rúa, and she made her real goals (no pun intended) very clear.

“I think I felt trapped in a golden cage for many years,” Shakira told USA Today in 2009 while promoting her album She Wolf. “The culture, the education, the upbringing, what society expects from you … Last year I asked myself the question: ‘What does Shakira really want? What are her wishes and how do I fulfill them?'”

And she found out.

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