The Nevada Secretary of State notes that there was no proof of electoral fraud within the state elections

Although former President Donald Trump has consistently and persistently claimed that the 2020 general election was fraught with fraud and abuse, not a single state has been able to provide evidence of widespread fraud that could have contributed to his election losses.

Trump’s narrative was dealt another blow after Barbara Cegavske, Nevada’s foreign minister, announced it An investigation found no “evidence support” for the Republican Party’s allegations of electoral fraud.

“And while the NVGOP raises political concerns about the integrity of postal voting, automatic voter registration, and same-day voter registration, those concerns do not provide overt support for claims that the 2020 general election was plagued by widespread electoral fraud,” Cegavske said in a letter to the Nevada Republican Party.

The investigation found that “The US Supreme Court, as well as the US Appeals Courts, Ninth Circuit and elsewhere, have ruled that electoral officials cannot require legitimate proof of citizenship as a condition for registering voters. Nevada law is consistent with federal law in this regard. “

Cegavske, the sole Republican incumbent in the state of Nevada, was censored by her own party after she refused to investigate fraud allegations she believed were unfounded.

“My job is to perform my duties under Nevada law, not to carry water for the state GOP or to put my thumb on the democratic scale,” Cegavske said in a statement last week. “Unfortunately, members of my own party continue to believe that the 2020 general election was fraudulent – and that I was somehow involved in it – despite the lack of evidence to support that belief. Notwithstanding criticism from the Central Committee of the Republican Party of Nevada, I will continue my efforts to monitor safe elections in Nevada and to restore confidence in our elections. The trust shattered by those who falsely claimed that the 2020 general election resulted in widespread fraud. ”

Trump’s campaign filed a federal lawsuit in Nevada in November to block what they called “illegal votes” from thousands of people. These allegations were found to be unfounded and the lawsuit was ultimately dismissed. Trump’s later attempt to challenge the general election results in the Supreme Court was also rejected.

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