The governor of Texas marks each Republican’s anti-life coverage

It’s strange why many Americans believe the Republican Party when it claims to be for life when any policies they support are fatal to many Americans – including die-hard Republican voters.

Whether it’s promoting anti-polluting measures that poison the air and water, opposing mitigation measures to save lives during a deadly pandemic, or protecting violent right-wing extremists from prosecution; Republicans can hardly claim they are for life. It is true that they are pro-zygote, but they are in no way pro-life.

With the exception of a few Republican governors, most of those who allied with terrorist-backing Trump to fake COVID19 were nothing to worry about returning to the early stages of the pandemic.

As of Friday, around 524,000 Americans had succumbed to the virus. Trump went to extremes to downplay as there was nothing to worry about. While it is true that the death rate appears to be on a plateau nationwide and in many cases is falling, there are still regions where the infection rate has increased. Texas is one of those regions. In the past two weeks, COVID19 cases in Texas have increased by five percent.

Despite the increase in cases and instead of advocating for the lives of Texas residents, Republican Governor Gregg Abbot defied medical science, saying:

“Too many Texans have been excluded from employment opportunities. Too many small business owners struggle to pay their bills. This has to end. It is now time to open Texas to 100%. “

When Abbot said, “Texas Open 100%,” he meant the end of the state’s mask mandate, allowing all businesses to open up as if there was no deadly and virulent pandemic in Texas and the nation. According to Abbot, Texans “have mastered daily habits to avoid COVID19,” and 5.7 million doses of the COVID19 vaccine have been administered. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Not so fast.

Despite those 5.7 million doses, less than 7% of Texans are “fully vaccinated” and are still at risk of contracting the virus and spreading it.

The editorial staff of the Fort Worth Star Telegram editorial team “blew up” Abbot after his announcement. They asked the prescient questions even though they were aware of the answer. Partially. The editors asked:

“Why now? Why does the risk increase when the news of cases, hospitalizations, and vaccine manufacturing is so good? With the spring break and the associated trips and activities around the corner, why are you sending the message that we can abandon our watch?

It is unfortunate that the governor cannot show the patience that most citizens have. Instead, he decided to make more illness and death more likely once the finish line is in sight. “

Abbott’s motivation is no secret. Aside from caring about the health or lives of Texas residents, he is up for re-election in 2022. And in the back of your mind, the possibility of a Republican presidential nomination in 2024 looks extremely attractive.

Abbot has taken heat away from the stupid wing of the Texas Republican movement who are religiously loyal to the terrible Trump and, like many rabid Trump acolytes, view a scientifically proven mitigation measure like wearing a mask as an “assault on their personal freedom.” They know that saving lives is definitely not a public health measure.

Saving lives is as far from the sun for Abbott as earth, despite a terrible lesson Texans faced last spring and early summer. In many Republican-controlled states, Republican governors dropped or ignored rigid stay-at-home orders and other mitigation measures specifically put in place to contain the spread of Covid-19, as their respective states do not have large numbers of cases like New York and California existed. The result was exactly what health experts had predicted. COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths increased. In Texas, more than 44,000 residents died from the virus; only California and New York died altogether.

With an upcoming election and rising COVID cases, Abbot concluded, “Damn the health professionals’ warnings,” and their freedom to steal mitigation efforts – Texas is 100% open, and if more Texans die, so be it.

Abbot’s actions are typical of Republicans who are more concerned about their own political futures than about the lives of their constituents. When an ungodly number of Americans are gunned down as if they are in a war zone instead of decent gun control regulations, Republicans want more guns on the streets. When the water and air vital to human life are toxic due to industrial dumping, Republicans are deregulating industries that tend to poison the air and water and leaving people to die. If every state in the union decides to share power to provide consumers with stable electricity, no way is Texas saying – let people die.

Now that there is finally hope that this deadly pandemic can be mitigated so life can return to normal, Texas Governor Gregg Abbot disregards medical scientific warnings and opens up Texas for political power to a human is more important than human life. called pro-life Republican governor.

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