The daddy of Keyshia Cole’s youngest son, Niko Khale, formally introduces IG to his new Boo! (Pictures)

For Niko Khale, the 25-year-old singer and father of Keyshia Cole’s youngest son Tobias, love is in the air.

Since Niko and Keyshia seem to be in a good place and are peacefully raising their little boy together, Niko felt it was a good time to officially introduce his new lady Ariel, who has already made a few appearances on his Instagram page.

And Niko seems quite fond of this young lady, and that’s just based on his caption.

“Oh, and let me introduce my other half correctly. Her name is Ariel, like the mermaid. She is the universe in human form, ”wrote Niko.

Angry! Those are some serious words from Niko, who until recently was quite reserved. Ariel appeared on his timeline a couple of times and the young couple definitely look in love.

It was his love interest in his makeshift music video for his song “Looking at Me”.

She also helped model some of his dresses in another post.

Niko Khale isn’t the only one holding on. Keyshia Cole was also a topic of conversation recently when she shared her hickey with the world.

While Keyshia, 39, didn’t seem to care about sharing her love life, she clapped back to some people who said she was too old to share her hickey on social media.

“How can you be too old for a hickey?” Keyshia tweeted. “You are crazy. And whoever said it. F ** k ya! #Respectfully. “

It seems that Niko and Keyshia are living their happiest lives and we are here for that!

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