The brand new faces of delight: Isaiah Stannard

With the world slowly starting to put itself on the other side of the coronavirus pandemic, this Pride season is a great celebration. And yet the spirit of a protest movement lives on. June is drawing to a close and International Pride Day is drawing near, E! News has asked some of Hollywood’s newest LGBTQ stars to let them know what Pride 2021 means to them.

Welcome to the new faces of pride.

Credit series like the groundbreaking drama Pose from FX and Euphoria from HBO, Isaiah Stannard would agree “there is more and more display” of trans stories on screen. “I think Hollywood is changing,” he remarked in an interview with Brut, “but there is still a long way to go.”

Among the Shards of Inspiration: His Story on NBC’s Good Girls.

The writers were originally looking for a male actor to play Ben, the cisgender son of Mae Whitmanis Annie. When the call was open to actors of all genders, 16-year-old Isaiah – who was female at birth and went from Izzy at the time – nailed it in an audition. Shortly afterwards, he found out that he was trans – and that’s when the inspiration came to him.

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