Tessica Brown exhibits her boo on Instagram (picture)

Tessica Brown became famous for the infamous Gorilla Glue debacle when she used it to style her hair. Now that it’s removed, she shows us a little more of her world.

Earlier this week, Tessica Brown took to Instagram to show us her boo. With a black and white photo showing her and the nameless man sitting in the car, she wrote: “If nothing or nobody can get in the way, someone said you were looking for him THERE [stop sign emoji] PLAY “

Most recently, Tessica Brown made donations to three families who are struggling. She went on Instagram and wrote, “Bless these 3 amazing women who are going through a tough time. We all experience something challenging in our lives at some point. “She continued,” Just a little kindness can make the change we need to help others. “

If you recall, Tessica Brown’s GoFundMe account was investigated.

In an interview with @nypost, Tessica Brown said the money she wanted to donate is currently inaccessible.

“You’re not even going to share it with me because so many people called and said it was a fraudulent report,” Brown said.

“Every time you look at it it says it is being examined,” added the Louisian-born.

Originally, the account was set up to only receive $ 1,500, but it exceeded that number and $ 23,000 was raised.

After Dr. Having removed the glue above and built a fan base, Tessica decided to donate the money instead.

“I think we can donate to Dr. Obeng … and I will donate the rest of that to three families in St. Bernard Parish,” Tessica said.

Tessica Brown added, “This is going to be pretty annoying because who are you supposed to say, you know, that was a fraudulent report? For one thing, Dr. Upstairs from St. Bernard Parish to Hollywood, the way I saw the sign to get it out of my head, like this man doesn’t have to do any of it. “

A GoFundMe spokeswoman said she was “working with her to withdraw funds.”

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