Teen Mother’s Leah Messer Mentioned She Wanted Her Final Breakup

Nearly a decade after Ali’s diagnosis had her parents fearing the worst-case scenarios, “Not only has she gotten stronger physically, she’s also gotten stronger mentally,” Leah raved, giving a lot of credit to her daughter’s ongoing equine therapy. “It’s given her purpose and I love being part of it with her.” 

Recent checkups have proven particularly promising, but Leah has worked to maintain a glass-half-full outlook during even the toughest points of Ali’s journey. 

“I think I’m always going to remain hopeful,” she reasoned. “With Ali having muscular dystrophy, it is a degenerative, progressive disease. So we don’t know what the future really looks like. But I know that we’re going to enjoy every single moment now and continue to make memories and make the best of it.”

Ultimately, she predicted, “I think that she will continue to defy the odds.”

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