Ted Cruz self-destructs, claiming he sorted his household with Cancun Trip

At a moment when many Texan families have no food, water or heat, Senator Ted Cruz said the only way he cares about his family is by going to Cancun.

Cruz sat down for a local television interview to do damage control:

ABC13 reported on their Cruz interview:

So his daughters had an idea.

They said, ‘Look, let’s take a trip. Let’s go with some of our friends and get out of here and go to a warm place, ”he recalled. “And [Cruz’s wife Heidi] and I said let’s go “


“They ask what I was thinking and … I was trying to take care of my family,” Cruz said. “I tried to take care of my children. It is unfortunate, the firestorm that came from him. It was not my intention. By saying yes to my daughters to somehow downgrade any Texans who have been through real trouble. “

In one interview, Ted Cruz threw his children under the bus. He made no apologies for driving to Cancun, claiming he was looking after his family after a Texan mother and daughter died of carbon monoxide poisoning while trying to stay warm in their car.

Ted Cruz makes things worse with every word he speaks. Cruz has to say that I am sorry and then will do nothing but try to help and show remorse to the people of Texas. Sen. Cruz is sorry he was caught. He is not sorry for offending all of the people in the state who have no heat or drinking water by claiming he looked after his family by going to Cancun.

The scandal doesn’t stop, but it looks like Ted Cruz’s dreams of being president are history.

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