Taylor Swift solves “Woodvale” puzzles, however says she took it “too far”

Taylor Swift sets the record right on those “Woodvale” rumors.

After releasing evermore, their second surprise album for 2020, in the past few weeks, social media has been in trouble after some of their eagle-eyed fans (does she have any other kind of fan?) Noticed art for their July 2020 album folklore includes the word “woodvale” in the upper right corner. Fans quickly wondered if this was a sign that a third surprise album was also in the works.

Presented during her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday December 14th Jimmy Kimmel asked the singer to get to the bottom of the riddle. Unfortunately, as it turns out, all of this can lead to wood failure.

“I tend to be an annoying secret agent when it comes to dropping clues and clues and Easter eggs, and it’s very annoying,” Swift said in the footage seen in the tweet below. “But it is fun for the fans and I enjoy it because they like to pick up things and notice a lot of things in music videos or photos or whatever. And then sometimes I go too far and make a mistake.”

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