Tarek El Moussa from Flip oder Flop shares huge marriage ceremony replace

Away from the cameras, Tarek could see his fiancée’s bond with his two children. A quick look at Instagram reveals the special relationship Heather shares with Taylor and Brayden. As Tarek E explained! News: “I call her super mom, but she’s definitely a bonus mom.”

Because of the sweet compliments, is it possible that Tarek and Heather will one day expand their family with their own children? “You know, it’s not even a conversation right now,” he explained. “But one thing I know about life: you can’t predict the future, so who knows?”

For now, the couple are still planning their dream wedding while they are successful in their career. Heather, who appears at Selling Sunset, remains a real estate agent with the Oppenheim Group. As for Tarek, he’s filming new episodes of Flipping 101 while finding the next big house to flip.

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