Tanaya Henry Trey Songz’s ex-girlfriend responds to commentators

Trey Songz was trending on Twitter yesterday after an alleged video went viral showing him a compromising position with a young lady. The Innanet was buzzing and everyone had something to say, including ex-girlfriend, jewelry designer Tanaya Henry. Tanaya wrote on Twitter: “People who post their personal xxx videos for attention are so terrifying.” People immediately thought she was talking about the singer “Neighbors Know My Name”.

One user replied: “You miss it or nah?” Tanaya replied: “Miss what?” The user replied, “Damn it! I was hoping it didn’t get over your head. Can I just get a yes or no answer? About what resonates in this video? “Tanaya closed the lawsuit and replied,” No, I haven’t seen a video and was at work. Obviously something happened that I don’t know about because random girls approached me. “

Tanaya and Trey split in September 2015 after a seven-year relationship. This came shortly after Trey revealed their relationship at the time on the Wendy Williams Show that summer. Trey even claimed that he was planning to start a family with Tanaya at the time. Tanaya confirmed the breakup on Twitter, saying the relationship had gotten “too messy” after a fan asked her.

With the relationship over for almost six years, the roommates were not convinced Tanaya was not referring to Trey in her tweet and felt that she wanted that old thang back. One commented, “Oh girl, if you miss the D, just say that. We understand. “Another commented,” It’s 2021 … WTF? Make that hurt, sister. Then she’ll lie like she doesn’t see it. Sister! You saw it! “

Almost everyone and their moms watched the video and were very fascinated by what they saw! Currently, Trey hasn’t responded to Tanaya’s tweet, but we’ll keep you updated when he does!

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