Sukihana shares her first response to YK Osiris’ makes an attempt to kiss

Sukihana talks about the viral video where YK Osiris was spotted trying to kiss her and her first reaction. As previously reported by The Shade Room, the incident happened at The Crew League event in Atlanta in June.

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Sukihana talks about the viral incident when she first met YK Osiris

Sukihana recently appeared as a guest on The Armon Wiggin Show and shared how the viral incident came about. She explained that the two were on set “filming for a basketball game” when Osiris approached them.

Sukihana further explained that he “came over to say hello,” sparking a conversation between them. As their interaction continued, she explained that he began massaging her shoulders — a moment that was also captured on the viral video.

In addition, she seemed to explain that the interaction made her uncomfortable.

“It was cute, but you know, I was fine…”

Sukihana then explained to Wiggins that this was the “first time” she met YK Osiris.

“This was the first time I met him in person. But everyone knows him…”

Despite her discomfort with Osiris’ massage, Sukihana stated that she felt the “vibe was okay” because she perceived Osiris as a “respectful young man.”

The artist explains her first reaction to the actions of YK Osiris

From that point on, a viral video shows YK Osiris leaning in to kiss Sukihana, even turning her head towards him as she leans back in her chair. Osiris then repeats the action while facing the crowd with her chin down.

During her interview, Sukihana explained her astonished reaction.

“We’re filming and this is a big opportunity for me…”

She went on to explain that she “didn’t want to look problematic in this male-dominated industry.”

“So I’ll just keep… a smile on my face. He just reached out for a kiss, and it’s like he doesn’t really know who I am, he doesn’t really know how I do it… So I just have a feeling maybe he wasn’t reading the space that well… “

The rapper then continued by explaining that the interaction was “a bit awkward” but that it was a “playful vibe” and she didn’t want to embarrass YK Osiris or herself. Ultimately, she decided to keep her response “professional.”

Despite this, Sukihana announced that she ultimately left the set and did not continue filming for the event. Instead, she admitted, she cried in her dressing room.

“That’s because I didn’t say I wanted that from him… I felt like I was a little bit embarrassed… I just know it made me uncomfortable.”

Finally, Sukihana added that YK Osiris apologized after the incident and shared her reaction when the incident went viral.

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