Stephen Miller tells Fox Information that he’s suing Joe Biden for unlawful immigration

When Joe Biden took office in January, he inherited a number of different problems. The biggest, of course, was the COVID-19 pandemic. Now over 2 million Americans have been vaccinated and shots are freely available.

There is also a situation on the US-Mexico border where many are seeking asylum. While Conservative speakers claimed this started with Biden, it started under the Trump administration.

Trump Flak Stephen Miller desperately wants to affect Biden’s successes. And on Thursday night he announced that he and Texas AG are suing Ken Paxton Joe Biden.

Miller told Tucker Carlson: “I work with Attorney General Ken Paxton, the is a true patriot and we should all be grateful to him, too sue the Biden administration on behalf of the people of Texas for flooding their estate with untested, Covid infected illegally immigrant. The fundamental question here at The heart of this whole issue is whether are American citizens Second class citizens in theirs own country.”

Stephen Miller and Texas AG are suing Joe Biden for immigration.

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) April 23, 2021

The despised former aide to Donald Trump continued:

Americans have been for months was forced to have hers Shops closed and i’m alive disturbed and while shattered, All because we’re told we can’t be close to each other and one Group of people, a group of a Loan was held by the Biden administration is subject to any of these rules. But these are the people who I have no right to be here at all. The illegal immigrants are coming in Violation of the law. “

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