Stephen Colbert is demanding that Fox Information personalities on air admit they lied in regards to the 2020 election

Stephen Colbert wants Fox News figures to go on the air and apologize for spreading election lies for Trump.

Video by Stephen Colbert:

Colbert said: “I think it’s satisfying, I mean for Dominion, that Rupert has had to give up a lot of money, but that doesn’t do anything to our democracy. We need Fox News personalities to look straight in the camera and admit they’ve lied time and time again about the 2020 election and then plunge into Mount Doom.”

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The Late Show host was right. It is unsatisfactory that Fox News does not have to publicly admit that they have harmed democracy and our country and knowingly lied to millions of their viewers

It’s not good for democracy if Rupert Murdoch is allowed to write a big check and then doubles the assembly line speed in the lie and disinformation factory.

What has Fox News really learned?

They have learned that they can help sow the seeds of an attack on the Capitol, willfully lying and misleading their own viewers, violating democracy and all they will get is a hefty bill for doing it are the media arm of an attempted coup.

That doesn’t seem like the right message when a news channel can misinform its viewers into becoming foot soldiers in an attempted coup.

The good news is that Dominion was just the beginning of the lawsuits. By the time the legal action is completed, Fox News could be broke, and someone might get a public confession and apology.

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