Social media reminds Tae Heckard of her previous with Teyana Taylor after Tae mentioned “loyalty” was her very best quality

She probably hadn’t planned it, but actress Tae Heckard got a social media drag on Friday after posting a stunning selfie on her social networks.

It wasn’t necessarily the image she shared that got people talking, but her choice of words that accompanied the image.

Tae Heckard, in his early 40s, wrote, “Loyalty is my best trait.”

While she may have just been trying to set a thirst trap, people on social media took the opportunity to get her to eat her words by bringing up her past with Teyana Taylor.

Loyalty is my best trait 🥰

– Tae Heckard (@taeheckard) April 16, 2021

If you need a quick history lesson, Teyana beat up Taylor Tae and her ex-fiancé, NBA baller Brandon Jennings, in a 2014 interview titled “The Breakfast Club” for getting Tae pregnant behind Teyana’s back. To make matters worse, Teyana considered Tae to be one of her good friends when this all collapsed.

“Brandon doesn’t shock me anymore … so my problems aren’t with Brandon,” Teyana said on the radio show. “My problem is with Tae because that was my friend. … You are 36 years old. You are a grown woman. I’m 23. As a woman, I found out on the blogs when you found out. “

Tae was unable to live this situation, especially after things didn’t work out with Brandon. Now Tae was reminded of the Teyana drama again.

Fans were quick to point out the irony in Tae claiming to be a loyal person.

“Didn’t you have sex with your best friend’s husband ??? Where was the loyalty then sister girl ??? One person tweeted.

“Tae was using a different word,” replied another person to Tae’s tweet.

Check out what people had to say below:

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