See your favourite stars have a good time Mom’s Day 2021

An unforgettable Mother’s Day!

Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars are celebrating the special holiday with heartbreaking messages on social media. For one, John Legend raved about his wife, Chrissy Teigenand praised her for overcoming what he called “a year that tested her”.

“Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful wife,” the Grammy winner shared on Instagram on Sunday, May 9th. “It’s been a year that has tested you in so many ways, but you have a stronger, smarter, happier, and better mother than you.” I am so happy to have you as my partner, inspiration and best friend. I love you forever. “

Matthew coma was another husband who celebrated his wife on Mother’s Day. The 33-year-old singer raved about the younger actress Hilary Duffwho recently welcomed their second child, a little girl named Mae.

“Watching him grow into a mother of three was definitely the most humbling experience of my life,” wrote Matthew on Instagram. “The patience, strength, love and empathy that a mother needs in order to be the way they are mothers goes far beyond anything I could dream of.”

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