Ron DeSantis Is Killing Republicans As 79% Of Florida COVID Deaths Are Seniors

There are staggering new numbers of COVID deaths in Florida as people over 65 accounted for 63% of the deaths, which suggested Gov. DeSantis is killing older Republicans.

Florida Announced A 36% Increase In COVID Deaths In The Past Week.

The most recent numbers from the state of Florida are shocking. COVID deaths are up 36% week to week. 2,345 people died last week in Florida from COVID. Sixty-three percent of the deaths were people over age 65, and seniors are 79% of deaths in Florida from the pandemic.

The death toll reveals the degree of negligence from Gov. DeSantis as his refusal to support masks and vaccinations is killing people in his state.

Polling Hints At Who Is Dying In Florida Of COVID

Registered Democrats still slightly outnumber Republicans in Florida, but a recent NBC News poll on who was vaccinated shed light on who is likely to be dying of COVID.

While nationally, 86% of seniors are vaccinated, only 55% of Republicans are vaccinated, and just 46% of voters say they support Trump more than the party is vaccinated. 52% of rural Americans and 59% of white evangelicals are vaccinated.  In contrast, 91% of Biden voters are vaccinated, and 87% of Democrats.

The people who are most likely to be dying of COVID are rural Trump supporters in the state. These are the same people that DeSantis is heavily courting for both his reelection campaign and future presidential bid in 2024.

Ron DeSantis Is Killing His Own Political Base


It will be years until the country finds out with data how COVID impacted voting patterns. Still, the combination of falling approval ratings and who is likely to be dying of COVID in Florida suggests that Ron DeSantis is killing off his own political base and could someday swing the state back to Democrats, but needlessly killing Republicans with his COVID lies.

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