Richter postpones trial date for former officer concerned in Breonna Taylor’s home assault

Brett Hankison and Breonna Taylor

A judge announced on Friday that a new date has been set for the trial of Brett Hankison. Judge Ann Bailey Smith has postponed the trial from August 31 of this year to February 1, 2022, according to reports on NBC News. This means that the process will be delayed for another six months. The Jefferson County Circuit Court judge cited “a pandemic-induced slowdown in the court” as the formal reason for the date change.

In addition, the judge cited “logistical problems” as the cause of the delay. The issues in question relate to the selection of the jury and practicing COVID-19 security measures. Questions have been raised about how the jury can stay socially distant and whether witnesses can wear masks in court.

As you may recall, Brett is one of the former Louisville, Kentucky police officers involved in the raid on Breonna Taylor’s home. He is the only officer charged in the case.

Brett faces three wanton threats for allegedly shooting into the apartment of one of Breonna’s former neighbors. This allegedly happened during the search of the warrant for the raid that resulted in Breonna’s death. The warrant resulted from a drug investigation against Jamarcus Glover, who was Breonna’s ex-boyfriend at the time. Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron said Brett fired 10 rounds of bullets from outside the property.

Brett was indicted by a grand jury last September but pleaded not guilty. At the time of the indictment, Brett was booked for his alleged crimes. However, he ended up on bail for $ 15,000 and was released from Shelby County Detention Center.

We recently reported that another officer involved in the shooting was going to publish a book about the fatal incident. Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly wrote the book, “The Battle for Truth: The Inner Story Behind the Breonna Taylor Tragedy”.

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