Republicans purposely created the SIV backlog after which blamed Biden

The Republicans purposely created the SIV backlog to prevent immigrants from coming to the US.

Senator Chris Murphy tweeted:

2 / For the past decade, Republicans have been pushing to purposely create a massive backlog in the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program – the program we use to bring Afghan partners to America by imposing onerous conditions on applications.


4 / This coincided with the attack by Trump and the Republicans to destroy other refugee programs bringing Afghans to the US. Obama has taken in over 2,700 Afghan refugees. Trump admitted 400 for dismantling the refugee system. Biden had to rebuild it.


Republicans do not want Afghan immigrants in the US, but rather blame Biden for their inability to get out of Afghanistan.

Republicans blame President Biden for a crisis they deliberately created. Any Republican who says the mission’s success depends on how many Afghan partners are left behind is lying to the American people.

Republicans in Congress tampered with the deck by stamping out the special immigrant visa program long before Donald Trump’s arrival. Trump accelerated the destruction of refugee programs, but the wheels were already in motion before he became president.

Joe Biden tries to get Afghan partners out of the US, but it is the Republicans who put obstacles in the way and then criticize the president for his efforts.

Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans are responsible for any backward Afghan partner because that is exactly what they wanted to leave American allies to the Taliban.

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