Republicans now declare Trump can not denounce violence as a result of he is banned from Twitter

Former Trump White House and campaign communications official Hogan Gidley claimed Trump could no longer do anything to denounce violence because he was banned from Twitter.


Trump’s enablers are trying to force the lie with a serious face that Trump can no longer do to denounce the violence because he is banned from Twitter. Trump is still the president and has the largest platform in the world.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) January 17, 2021

Gidley said on Fox News, “Real Americans struggled during the election. President called it out beforehand in real time, he said we are going to the capital and marching peacefully. We will make our voices heard. But then the media tries both ways, Howie, on the one hand he should be censored by Big Tech and not allowed to talk, he shouldn’t say anything and if he doesn’t say anything and can’t say something because the platforms have removed him. You say where is the president? Why don’t we hear from him? “

If Trump still had his Twitter account, he would try to divide America and incite more violence, because that’s exactly what he did every day during his presidency with his Twitter account. The idea that Trump’s Twitter account has magical powers and is the only way to communicate with the American people has always been nonsense.

Donald Trump is still the President of the United States. It has the largest media platform in the world. If he wanted to denounce the violence, he could call a press conference and do so. It would get to every branch in the nation.

Trump does not want to speak strongly against violence, which is why he has largely remained silent.

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