Republicans do not imagine that ignorant individuals can vote

Republicans have built their reputation lately by suppressing the vote, but now they have found a new position that many on the left should be upset about.

While it is not clear who first said, “The cornerstone of democracy rests on an educated electorate,” it is commonly attributed to the founding father, Thomas Jefferson. However, when Jefferson said it, when he said it he was promoting education and not a means of stifling the vote as Republicans have been doing lately

About a week ago it was reported that “Republicans are saying the ignorant shouldn’t vote”; as if people of color and left-wing voters don’t know the issues. One thing is certain, if ignorant people were denied the right to vote, Republicans would never win another election.

Most people who observe and comment on politics and election results are aware that there is no election bloc that is ignorant of the issues and reliably votes against their own interests than the Republican support base. There are myriad reasons why this is the case, but it is not an education system failure as some claim, and it is not because the typical GOP voter is denied access to the subjects.

Basically, it’s because Republican voters are scared of Republican politicians telling all sorts of lies about what Democrats will do if they’re elected. What really shows how stupid Republican voters really are is that no matter how many times Democrats get elected and do not take away weapons, burn down churches, force evangelicals to have abortions and eat fetuses, or crucify white people en masse. The GOP base still believes they are doomed if they don’t vote for a Republican. Donald Trump even knew his support base was stupid and reveled in telling them.

One of the main reasons Republicans and their conservative shrewd people say the ignorant shouldn’t vote is because they are “illiterate,” and that certainly goes for their support base too. In addition, Republican voters, like Republican candidates, have no interest in “civics” or the “common good.” Speaking to the conservative National Review outlet, Andrew McCarthy said:

“It would be far better if the [voting] Franchise was not exercised by ignorant, middle-class illiterate people. “

Mississippi Republican Secretary of State Michael Watson “warned of the dangers of voting by the uninformed.”

It’s not just conservative experts and Republican politicians who wonder whether “ignorant” people can vote. Amy Coney Barrett, the Supreme Court-seated religious extremist, believes that no American has universal right to vote. She said so in a dissenting opinion while serving as a judge on the appeals court claiming that “Voting is a civil right that does not belong to all citizens, but only to virtuous citizens who exercise it for the good of the community.”

If that were the case, no Republican would ever get elected just because they had absolutely no interest in politics “for the benefit of the community,” just as the Republican voters don’t have a ton of crap to talk about politics that benefits the community. They are too scared that a Democrat will take their guns, burn down their churches, ban their Bible, or force them to eat freshly canceled fetuses.

If Republican voters were informed or civic, they would not be foolish enough to vote against their own economic interests and welfare. Even when Republicans campaign to deny their constituents access to free or affordable health care, unemployment benefits, food and housing benefits, or access to clean air and water, idiots still vote Republicans. Only an idiot would vote against their self-interest, and yet Republican voters struggling to survive in the poorest states consistently vote for Republicans.

Republicans do not want an informed or educated population because they would be exposed as liars, scare-mongers and scammers like Trump. Trump only got the number of votes he cast because he is as illiterate as his grassroots and has no interest in anything that will benefit the community or the nation.

If Republicans want to deny the right to vote for the ignorant and uninformed, they should start with their supporters in their own states. For example, as they call the three branches of government. According to several studies, 22 percent of Americans can’t even name one branch of government, and 75 percent of Americans can’t name all three branches. It is not, as some conservatives claim, due to a failure of the public education system as this is taught several times over 12 years in every public and private school in the country.

It is noteworthy that until recently, Republicans did not dare publicly call for a vote for people they consider ignorant and devoid of a bit of virtue. It is likely that Republicans really mean that those who do not support Republican candidates are ignorant and not virtuous.

One is puzzled as to why there is no more media coverage of another GOP machination to suppress the vote, but it is likely that this will inflame the ignorant and non-virtuous against the free press more than before. Or they believe that outlets like Fox News claiming Republicans have only democratic voters, ignorant and devoid of virtue, regardless of policies that benefit the community. The sad truth is that even if the Democrats do anything for the good of the people, Fox News viewers and the Republican grassroots are inherently stupid enough to believe it.

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