Ralph Pittman Calls Drew Sidora’s Adoption Req. A ‘Cash Seize’

Now that season 15 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is nearing its end, Ralph Pittman and Drew Sidora are speaking out about their ongoing situation on social media. Specifically, Ralph is accusing his estranged wife of previously asking him to legally adopt her oldest child, Josiah, for a “money grab.”

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Ralph Pittman Accuses Drew Of Keeping Her Son’s Biological Father Away

Drew Sidora got the matter rollin’ on X (formerly Twitter) earlier this week after fans began buzzin’ about the reunion. Within her posts, the Step Up actress accused Ralph of allowing his “unverifiable cousin,” Courtney Rhodes, to make “disgusting comments” about Drew’s firstborn.

For context, Courtney was caught sharing unfavorable speculation about Drew when she thought cameras were “down” during a confessional. In addition to speaking on the Ty Young speculation, Courtney brought up Drew asking Ralph to adopt Josiah, which played out during season 14.

“Now we see why she was pushing so hard for this adoption. Because she was like, ‘Adopt this child so I can go be in my gay lover relationship and you pay the bills.’”

Courtney caught on a hot mic spilling all the tea about Drew & Ty’s alleged relationship. My jaw hit the floor! #RHOA pic.twitter.com/cLVbksHs5f

— Queens of Bravo (@queensofbravo) August 28, 2023

As a result of Courtney’s claim, Drew declared, “I must always protect and stand for my children against this type of evil.” After sharing that Pittman “refused” to shut Rhodes down, Sidora noted that children are “always off limits.”

she meant to be nasty & rude making comments and dragging my child into this… KIDS ARE ALWAYS OFF LIMITS!!! That’s it, that’s all….we’re done!

— DREW SIDORA (@DREWSIDORA) September 4, 2023

Shortly after that, Ralph directly responded, alleging that Drew “won’t let” Josiah’s biological father “play an active role.” He added, “Your adoption request was only a money grab and control.”

“You expect me to pay child support when he has a father that wants to play an active role in his life but you won’t let him.”

Pittman went on to say that he’s been there for his stepson “since the age of 3,” and he “filled the gap as a man and unconditionally provided from [his] heart without expectations.”

Then, he declared that Drew was “playing the battered victim role” before demanding “respect as a Father.”

“I will continue being there but you’re not going to take advantage of me or use this show to get your way. I understand playing the battered victim role earns you sympathy on this platform but you will respect me as a Father.”

Ralph Pittman wrapped his message by stating, “I love all my kids and have given them the world, including you. It’s about them now.”

It’s time to speak truth so let’s be real. You expect me to pay child support when he has a father that wants to play an active role in his life but you won’t let him. Your adoption request was only a money grab and control. Since the age of 3, I stepped up to fill the gap as a…

— Ralph Pittman Jr. (@RalphPittmanJr) September 5, 2023

Drew Sidora Went IN On “Cousin Courtney” During Part 1 Of The RHOA Reunion

Drew and Ralph carried the conversation to X (formerly Twitter) after RHOA viewers saw her unleash her wrath on Courtney Rhodes during the reunion.

After Courtney and Monyetta Shaw-Carter joined the stage alongside the full-time stars, she and Drew went head-to-head, and Sidora didn’t hold back.

“Don’t you ever, ever, keep my son’s name in your mouth. You don’t know what the f**k you’re talking about. Don’t you ever speak on my son. One day, he will see this, and you will have to pay for that. There’s a place in hell for people like you.”

As Drew went in on Courtney, Rhodes attempted to speak over Sidora, and the episode ended during a lull in their spat.

Ohhhh… Drew ended Cousin Courtney here I’m sorry to say. She came with the force of a million peaches and let Courtney know never to speak on her son’s name again and even Andy was backing Drew here 🫣 also watching the uncensored version really adds that extraness I love #rhoa pic.twitter.com/WEuS6e4YLE

— Daily Bravo 💌 (@dailybravomail) September 4, 2023

What are your thoughts on the situation, Roomies?

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