Rafaello & Co. apologizes to Lil Child after promoting him a faux $ 400,000 watch

Lil Baby recently hit social media to beat up New York-based jeweler Rafaello & Co. for selling him a counterfeit Patek Philippe watch valued at $ 400,000. The jeweler responded with a long apology on Instagram.

“I would like to personally apologize to Lil Baby for not doing my due diligence in selling the Patek watch,” the company said on its Instagram story. “I should have inspected the watch at the dealer after buying it. I take full responsibility for not doing my job properly. Personally, I would NEVER knowingly sell anything to him or anyone else that is not 100% authentic. “

The ordeal started earlier this week when Lil Baby posted the watch on his Instagram story. He wrote “40. Anniversary!! Not. The “regular” and “400k” in the photo of the fake Patek. Shortly thereafter, he wrote a post, this time tagging Patek Philippe with the words “See why I have to be on the list”. He went on to write, “After the market, jewelers will make me do something I shouldn’t.”

At first it was not clear to the rap star which jeweler was selling him the expensive accessory. However, he killed the secret on Friday night by naming the company in a short paragraph. The paragraph served as the caption for a video in which he flaunted giant, icy rings. Each ring is a faded letter in the word “four”. In case you didn’t know, the Atlanta-raised artist owns the record label 4PF, which stands for Four Pockets Full.

“Now you know Rafaello & Co better than to sell ME a FAKE or anything that could be called a FAKE,” Lil Baby wrote on Instagram. “I stand on my name as you all should! Ain’t no mistake when it comes to money. Don’t play with me, because when I’m there, I’m there. “

In their apology, Rafaello & Co. announced that Lil Baby had received the rings in the video for free “as a sign” [their] Sincere apologies. “They also made sure they got the record on Lil Baby’s ice-cream game right by saying that” there is nothing fake about “Lil Baby” especially about his jewelry and watches “.

He was also reportedly reimbursed for his $ 400,000.

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