Rachel Maddow slams Chuck Grassley’s Trump impeachment dodge

Rachel Maddow called out Senator Chuck Grassley for claiming he didn’t understand the charges against Trump despite being the former chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee.


Grassley said: “I’ve read everything I could find about it. I am not a legal analyst and will therefore not comment. I leave that to the professionals.”

Maddow replied, “I’m not a legal analyst, so I won’t comment. I’ll leave that to the experts, says the last senator there, Chuck Grassley, a man who until recently was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He says he’s read everything he can find out about it, but oh I don’t understand these things. He told another source that he didn’t read the indictment himself because how could he? Chairman of the Senate Judiciary.”

Chuck Grassley is nearly 90 years old, but this very man, who claimed he couldn’t understand Trump’s charges because he wasn’t an expert, caused a stir in the conservative media and peddled stories about his Biden bribery allegation imported from Russia.

It’s funny that Chuck Grassley can’t delve into the indictment of a former Republican president but can go into detail about a conspiracy theory involving the current Democratic commander-in-chief.

Senator Chuck Grassley, the former chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, can’t understand the charges against Donald Trump with the best will in the world.

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