Queen Naija and her sister share phrases about CJs on Instagram

Queen Naija Tina

There’s only so much people can ignore when their name is tossed around on social media. All week long, Queen Naija has defended her actions after being called out by Chris Sails, the father of her eldest son, CJ. Chris shared on social media that he was upset that Queen hadn’t informed him about her son’s graduation from kindergarten. Parents shared some graduation and parenting news online.

When it looked like things were finally settling down after the back and forth, Queen’s sister Tina posted a long YouTube video calling her sister and her sister Clarence’s boyfriend. In the video, she scolded how upset she was that her mom and Chris weren’t notified of CJ’s graduation to be in attendance. Tina admitted, however, that she did not speak to Queen. Tina expressed that she felt the misunderstood singer had failed to defend her in the media, particularly when her fans called Tina to steal Queen and Clarence’s credit card.

Hours later, Queen broke her silence and responded to her sister’s claims about the gram, and Chile said a swig! Queen said she didn’t want to do a video so she opted for a long message. She wrote: “Nobody knows how much unnecessary disrespect I had to take privately for not exposing them. Even during my pregnancy. I took care of my family because I really care for them and love them. “

Tina quickly got wind of her sister’s answer, took a few more things from her chest and called Queen again.

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