Protection attorneys for the lads charged with the homicide of Ahmaud Arbery intention to forestall the jury from asking inquiries to the court docket (unique)

TSR Exclusive: As the trial draws closer for the three men charged with the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, the man who was tracked and gunned down while jogging through suburban Georgia, prosecutors and defense officials battle to see a fair trial.

Just days after a judge ruled that defense attorneys cannot bring Ahmaud’s criminal record to court because he is the victim in the case and not the person on trial, Gregory and Travis McMichael’s defense lawyers appear to be calling the court back to make some changes that would affect the jury.

In court documents received from The Shade Room, the state filed a motion to appeal some changes requested by the McMichaels’ attorneys, including the jury’s ability to put written questions to the court when the jury received their instructions.

“The state contradicts the defendant’s request to delete the paragraph that gives the jury the opportunity to put written questions to the court,” the documents read. “This is the search for the truth, and as the instructions of the sample jury state, if a judge finds a question important to his role as a fact-finder, he should be able to ask that question.”

Court documents also indicated that the defense is asking the court to remove the terms “all doubts” and “mathematical certainty” from the jury’s instructions, fearing that doing so could mislead and confuse the jury. The sentence in question reads: “However, the state is not obliged to prove the guilt of the accused beyond any doubt or with mathematical certainty.”

The judge has yet to rule on this issue, but it looks like the defense is aiming for minor wins before the process begins, which begins with the jury selection on October 18th.

Ahmaud was fatally shot by the McMichaels in February 2020 when his story was on trial more than a year and a half later.

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