Pooh Shiesty’s Alleged Taking pictures Sufferer Reportedly Recants Story-Says He is Unaware Of What He Advised Detectives (Replace)

Pooh Shiesty has voluntarily surrendered to authorities after allegedly shooting a strip club security guard in the leg during a recent Miami appearance. He's being held without bond.

Pooh Shiesty hasn’t had any luck with authorities but that may change.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, it seems that Pooh Shiesty’s shooting victim has reportedly recanted his story and doesn’t want to press charges. 

Pooh Shiesty’s attorneys filed a new motion this week with sworn testimony from the victim, Frivin Dor, that “claims he was on a powerful painkiller and unaware of what he was saying to the police when they first spoke.” Dior is on record reportedly saying he received Dilaudid, a powerful opioid painkiller, upon arriving at the hospital the night of the shooting, which has caused him to not remember what he told detectives. 

Dior now says that chaos may have been caused by a fan used to cool off that fell in the garage nearby, TMZ also reports. In his new statement, he doesn’t recall Pooh Shiesty aiming at him or shooting.

Miami-Dade prosecutor Ruben Scolavino argued that Pooh was “angry because the victim was a security guard who told him to put away his gun,” during a court proceeding.

As you know, Pooh Shiesty is currently in jail. He received a $10,000 bond after turning himself in for the recent shooting at KOD. However, he remained in custody until he saw a judge for a previous case. In the end, the judge revoked his bond, currently keeping him behind bars. 


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