Police discover three lacking males lifeless in a vacant Michigan constructing

Michigan police reportedly discovered the bodies of three black men — two aspiring rappers and their boyfriend — who went missing Jan. 21. The Michigan State Police Second District released tweets on the evening of Feb. 2 confirming they had found “multiple victims.” in a “minted apartment complex” invested by rats.

Although MSP refused to identify the victims, citing sensitivity to the families, The Detroit News confirmed the victims’ identities from three police sources close to the investigation. The bodies are said to be part of it Armani Kelly27, Dante Wicker31 and Montoya Givens31

Happens now:
Members of the Homicide Task Force, Metro South Post and MSP Forensic Lab are currently in an abandoned apartment complex on the corner of McNichols and Log Cabin in Highland Park conducting a death investigation. 1/pic.twitter.com/napJZklthP

— MSP Second District (@mspmetrodet) February 2, 2023

What we know about the day the Michigan men went missing

Armani, Dante and Montoya were together for a performance at Lounge 31 in Detroit on the date mentioned. Armani, stage name Marley Whoopand Dante, stage name B12She had booked appearances at a birthday party. On the night of the performance, Jan. 21, Armani reportedly picked up Dante and Montoya.

But before the start of the event, Armani said to his fiancee: Taylor Perrinthat equipment problems caused the gig to be cancelled. So it’s unclear if the men ever made it in or out of Lounge 31. However, they reportedly decided to find an open mic night to perform at and have been “missing” ever since.

Taylor said her texts, calls and Facebook messages to Armani went unanswered after 7:30 p.m. local time.

According to Armani’s fiancé, Taylor, the three friends met in prison. Montoya’s mother also confirmed that Montoya and Armani knew each other from prison.

Michigan Department of Justice spokesman Chris Gauz Detroit News said Montoya and Armani were in custody from August 2017 to March 2022. All three men were in jail on separate convictions for armed robbery and auto theft.

How the Michigan police found the three missing men

Michigan police are still investigating how the men got into the Highland Park building. However, they had several breaks in the case, including cell tower activity, the arrest of a teenager driving Armani’s car, and surveillance footage.

According to the Detroit News, police stumbled upon the abandoned building after accessing cell data from the three men who were “pinging” in an area near the complex. After searching the complex, officers discovered Armani, Dante and Montoya in the basement under “heaps of rubble.” They were reportedly shot, according to Detroit News sources.

Last week, during an investigation, police arrested a 15-year-old boy who was driving Armani’s 2017 Chevrolet Equinox. The car had no license plate. A police source told Detroit News that the teenager said a grown man directed him to pick up the vehicle from Detroit’s west side. The teenager faces charges of possession of Armani’s car.

After searching the boy’s phone, officers found text messages and calls to the man mentioned. The adult man was reportedly taken into custody for questioning after police issued a search warrant for his home. He had an “outstanding arrest warrant for alleged fraud.”

It is currently unclear whether the adult man or the 15-year-old is linked to the deaths.

According to Detroit News, surveillance footage also showed a man wearing gloves cleaning Armani’s car. However, it is unclear whether this man is the same person who was arrested by the police.

This story is still developing.

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