Police chiefs mentioned Republicans shot a regulation reforming the police drive that strengthened the police drive

The International Association of Police Chiefs (IACP) and the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) said the police reform bill, rejected by Republicans, had strengthened the police force.

The IACP said in a statement:

Despite some media reports, no “police discovery” was proposed in any draft law. Indeed, the legislation specifically provided additional resources to assist law enforcement agencies with training, agency accreditation, and data collection initiatives. We believe that the provisions under discussion have strengthened the law enforcement profession and helped improve community police engagement without compromising management and civil servant rights, authority and legal protection.

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) lied about the bill, which the police excused.

On Face The Nation, Senator Scott said: “We just said, ‘I’m not going to take part in cutting police money after seeing one big city after one big city compensate the police.’ In many of the provisions of this draft law, he wanted me to agree to limited or reduced funding for the police. “

The bill didn’t compensate the police, but Scott needed a reason the Republicans were opposed to a bipartisan police reform bill, so he invented defusing the police.

Republicans didn’t want to pass a law that would strengthen the police force

It has become a constant topic. Republicans talk about how much they support the police, but their actions in many cases deny the police authorities the resources they need.

The Republicans voted against defusing the police earlier this year.

You can go up against the Democrats who compensate the police, but it is the Republicans who pose a threat to the security of our cities and towns across the country.

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