Peter Doocy requested one other unhealthy query, and Pete Buttigieg shattered it

When asked if there was a demand for high-speed off-road trains, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said Americans shouldn’t settle for anything less.


Pete Buttigieg explains to Republicans that the American people deserve nice things.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) April 9, 2021

Buttigieg said, “Well, there is definitely a lot of excitement in America about making the American people enjoy a high standard of passenger transport. Like the President, Americans should not settle for anything less than what citizens in other countries take for granted. “

Doocy’s question was based on the false premise that the American people don’t want a good passenger rail system, but Buttigieg turned it around, arguing that the American people deserve the same service as people in other countries.

It’s a foreign word to Republicans, but Buttigieg argued that the American people deserve nice things too. Peter Doocy asks bad questions almost every day at these briefings. Fox News tried to martyr him, but the Biden administration is clever. They reject the premises behind these questions and often turn the question to the Republicans.

Americans deserve rail transport that is just as good as anywhere else and claim they don’t sound unpatriotic.

In exchanges like this one, the Biden White House unveils Fox News’ anti-American agenda.

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