Paul from “Love Is Blind” dated this actor after breaking apart with Micah

What makes Wendi’s story even more interesting is that she actually got engaged while filming season four, although Netflix decided not to include her story on the show. Wendi and 29-year-old Cleveland Native American Jimmy Forde became engaged to the pods but split after about three months, according to Netflix’s Tudum website.

After their split, she and Paul tried dating.

Why Love Is Blind Doesn’t Follow Every Couple Who Gets Engaged on the Show, Creators Chris Colen to People: “I think it depends on how people get there in the first place. We want to tell the most genuine and authentic stories that we can, and that’s really the criterion by which we judge what stories we’re going to follow, and the stories that we’re then going to tell in the program.”

Paul also revealed that he got in touch Amber Wilder— whose strong bond with Paul carried over to the season four cameras — once they were outside of the pods.

“We had a heartfelt moment with no hard feelings and a validation of the connection we had that was real,” Paul explained. “But we didn’t date or anything.”

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