Our burning Palm Springs questions – answered

Well deserved recognition could come for Palm Springs.

It’s been months since Hulu released its hit-time-loop comedy, and we’re obviously still thinking about it – especially before the 2021 Golden Globes. The film is nominated for Best Motion Picture, Musical, or Comedy as well Andy Samberg earned a nomination for Best Actor in a Movie, Musical, or Comedy

Thanks to a massive pandemic, we all seem to have found ourselves in the middle of the global time warp. The lonely island gave us a film about two wedding guests who are stuck in a time warp with no clear way out. Nobody could have known what would happen if they made the movie, and even in January, when Hulu and Neon bought the movie in the highest-selling ever at Sundance (at a purposely weird 69 cents), they couldn’t predict that movie would be theaters close soon. Streaming was the only option besides a break in drive-in theaters. But everything went perfectly.

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