One of many DMX followers shares how he inspired her to forgive her

Roomies, today many people around the world have told heartfelt stories of their encounters with the late DMX. While it’s still hard to believe he’s not with us anymore, many think about the rapper’s good times and the legacy he leaves behind. One of the DMX fans, Sheila, shared her life-changing meeting with the rap icon on Twitter in 2017, which shows how much DMX loved his fans.

In a series of tweets, Sheila shared how DMX gave her the courage to forgive her addicted father. Sheila tweeted, “We met in 2017 after hearing him from my room in the hallway of my hotel. It was all divine intervention. I ran to the hallway and met him. We talked for 15 minutes. “Sheila went on to explain how DMX told her to forgive her father for what he couldn’t control. Sheila felt he was the perfect messenger because she grew up with his music because of her father.

With such a deep testimony, TSR reached out to Sheila to learn more of this incredible story. “Well, my father actually passed away in 2012 and I had that encounter in 2017. I held onto it so tightly, and after meeting DMX I was finally able to bring myself to visit his grave for the first time since his funeral “Sheila tells us exclusively.

She continued, “I am really at peace with the fact that my father did his best with something that was much bigger than him. Bigger than any of us. “We asked Sheila if she could send DMX a message about the advice he was giving her, and she replied,” It would just be a thank you. Thank you so much for your art over the years – I feel like you said everything through your music that my father couldn’t find to articulate. Thank you for showing me the healing power of forgiveness and grace for others. “

We miss you, DMX!

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