Omarion and his brother O’Ryan set the final word thirst lure in a brand new journal picture shoot

Roommate, it is now known that Omarion and his younger brother O’Ryan are doing well in virtually every way and they enjoy giving their fans exactly what they want. In the ultimate double thirst trap, Omarion and O’Ryan are exactly what we need to see to make it through the rest of this cold winter – thanks to a series of photos beyond hot.

Not only are Omarion and his brother O’Ryan almost identical, they both look equally good – a fact they definitely won’t lose when you take a closer look at their social media accounts.

The gorgeous brothers frequently post shirtless selfies and photos of them exercising on all their melanin, but their current magazine shoot is even better.

In a photo shoot with Muze The Magazine, Omarion and O’Ryan can be seen in various fashionable looks, including the show stopper, in which the two wear matching white suits without shirts underneath.

Surprisingly, both handsome brothers are single, but last year Omarion gave a glimpse into the kind of woman he is looking for. During an interview in April, he said he did not discriminate and wanted love and affection. But he also wants a “freak” … even if it is sometimes. When asked if he was together during this quarantine, he replied:

“I mean, I am not discriminating against the concept of quarantine. I love women, ”he said. “I value all of my interactions. I really appreciate this interaction. “

“Women are powerful and very special to me and very special to everything I do,” added Omarion. I need Love. I need affection Sometimes I need a freak too. But that’s another conversation. Do you feel me? “

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