Offset is on prime tier daddy service by shocking his child tradition with a brand new pet


Roommate, Offset recently shared his adorable dad skills when it comes to his daughter Kulture when he was just giving a brand new puppy to the cute toddler. While Ms. Cardi B was recording, Offset shared the video of how the little Kulture reacted to having a puppy as a new addition to the family – and she definitely all smiled.

It’s no secret that celebrity kids are living in luxury and receiving some of the most extravagant gifts – including designer puppies. Little Kulture Kiari benefits from the advantages of their parents as Cardi B and Offset, and this time around their father decided to surprise them with a new furry friend for the family.

In a short video posted on his Instagram account, Offset can be seen pulling the little puppy out from behind his back while Kulture smiles while Cardi talks a little.

“Dad got you a puppy! What will you call him “Says Cardi in the video. As Kulture hugs the puppy, Cardi says to her,” Oh, you have to be careful with that dog right there. Oh, oo. Hold. “

Offset followed immediately and told Kulture that she had to be “soft” with the puppy after grabbing him a little too tightly. Listening to her parents’ warning, she pulled back and lightly touched the puppy’s nose as Offset kissed her on the cheek.

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