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In 2022, the fintech world has taken a hit and some of the world’s highest-rated companies have had to take their valuations down sharply. But innovation is still happening – with a vengeance.

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CNBC and independent research firm Statista are collaborating to identify the top global fintech companies to be named in a CNBC report released in August.

The research will identify fintechs that are disrupting the financial giants with faster, cheaper and more accessible services – from established companies in payments and digital banking to rising stars in emerging areas like cryptocurrency.

In 2022, the fintech world took a hit. Valuations for some of the world’s highest-rated companies were slashed as investors reassessed the sector amid rising interest rates, a higher cost of living and the prospect of tighter regulation.

But innovation is still happening – with a vengeance. The rising cost of living has opened up opportunities for companies to develop tools that can help people deal with economic uncertainty – whether it’s through better budgeting and financial planning or money management training.

Therefore, the need for a transparent overview of the top fintech companies is more important than ever.

As part of the research, we invite eligible fintech companies to express their interest in being included in the list. To qualify, a fintech – defined as a company that offers innovative, technology-based and finance-related products and services – must have successfully completed at least one Series A funding round.

Companies must provide information about their business model and certain key performance indicators.

If you would like your company to be considered for this study, please click this link, which takes you to the short application form hosted by Statista. More information about the project can be found at Here.

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