Andy Cohen ‘yelled at’ Larsa Pippen over ‘marriage’ feedback.

Before The Real Housewives of Miami Season 5 wraps up, Andy Cohen shares why he ‘yelled at’ Larsa Pippen mid-tapping!

Andy briefly acknowledged the situation on his Instagram story

First, the issue was brought to the public attention thanks to an Instagram story Andy posted from the reunion earlier this year.

He started off by simply saying, “I didn’t have to yell at Larsa on my bingo card today.” Larsa then requested an apology, which Andy politely delivered before announcing, “I don’t like yelling at women.”

Andy Cohen Admits He Yelled at Larsa Pippen While Filming Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Miami Reunion!

— The Tea Section (@theteasection) January 27, 2023

He took up personal issues with Larsa Pippen, who “weaponizes” marriage.

On Monday, the longtime Bravo exec continued to speak out on the matter during Andy Cohen Live as interest in his reveal was freshly renewed thanks to the reunion airing.

He went on to provide “a little more inside tea” about why he showed up on Larsa. In particular, Andy noted that he felt Larsa was “weaponizing” the fact that her RHOM co-star, Dr. Nicole Martin had a child who was “born out of wedlock.”

“Larsa was a kind of weapon – it seemed to me – to Nicole that her child was born out of wedlock. For example, she said, ‘I could shout that your son was born out of wedlock.’ Now if you’re going to say, ‘I could use something as a weapon,’ you’re actually doing it.”

He also acknowledged that the issue involved “semantics” when Nicole revealed that Larsa referred to her son as “B**tard,” while Pippen denied it. Still, Andy was “pretty heated up,” telling Larsa that her comment “was a damn thing to say.”

“It was a bit semantic because Nicole kept saying, ‘You named my son Ab**tard.’ And she said, ‘I didn’t, I just said he was born out of wedlock.’ And to even bring it up, I said to myself, “Well, that was a damn thing, telling her that.” And I was pretty heated about it.”

As for why Andy took Larsa’s comment so personally, he noted that — as a “single father of two” — he was “very sensitive to the idea of ​​this being used as a weapon.”

“And it won’t surprise anyone why I got so heated. I have two children. I’m a single father of two,” he added. “So there is no other person, there is no other parent. But I became very sensitive to the idea of ​​that being used as a weapon. And so I jumped in there and here we go.”

Larsa Pippen brought up the matter in response to feelings of being judged

How the situation unfolded on the show was first addressed by Larsa in Season 4 of RHOM. In response to Larsa feeling judged by Nicole, Pippen archaically announced that she could have condemned her co-star for having a child “out of wedlock,” but instead chose not to.

The issue was raised again in Season 5, and Larsa has no regrets making that comment.

Saying, “You had an illegitimate child” is judgmental of Nicole. Larsa is so stupid. #RHOM #rhomreunion

— Emily🌷 (@SheshavingfunDD) March 9, 2023

What do you think of Larsa Pippen’s comments and are you here because Andy Cohen is ‘yelling at her’?

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