Nicki Minaj, Summer season Walker and Kehlani on a brand new path collectively?

On Wednesday, Nicki Minaj called on some industry veterans and newcomers to possibly jump on a new route.

Since Nicki is apparently in a collaborative mood, as we previously reported, she seems to be reaching out to some women in the R&B lane.

Nicki Minaj quoted a video on Twitter and tweeted: “Barbz: Please Keke, Tamar & Brandy to repeat this. That’s what I sound like in my head. Would love to hear people who can [Prayer hand emojis]. “

One commenter replied, “@KeKeWyattSings Please Ma’am Do this I Need this Collab In My Life.”

A few moments later, Nicki tweeted: “Sommer, Jhené & Kehlani can also be a good mix with their harmonies.”

When Summer saw the tweet, she replied and said, “Ok Puddin Pop. Loving You. Dm it or post it if you want. No great zeal. “

Kehlani replied in a deleted tweet: “What happens, HEY!”

Nicki replied to Kehlani and said, “I only challenge 6 gurls to repeat the little thing I sang. It’s in my story. Then I take the a cappella and put together a little smthn 🎀 no great zeal “

Speaking of collaborations, Nicki talked about working with new artists. She said, “As for working with new artists, she said,“ So there are a lot of artists right now, I’m talking about artists that I really like and that are asking us to do a feature. And I just said to everyone, ‘Yo, let’s really find the right thing.’ Because at the moment everything is different for me. ‘ I don’t wanna just do shit just to do shit. And especially with artists that I love and such, I really want to make a moment with them that will last. “

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