NeNe Leakes Says She & Cynthia Bailey Squashed Their Beef

Less than three months after NeNe Leakes shared her belief that Cynthia Bailey played a role in her Real Housewives of Atlanta firing, it looks like everything is all good between them!

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NeNe Leakes & Cynthia Bailey Are “Moving Forward In Love”

On Tuesday (Oct. 17), NeNe shared an Instagram post noting that, while at a recent event supporting Magic Johnson, she “bumped into a ton of Atlanta socialites.”

While NeNe didn’t go into too much detail, a follow-up upload on Wednesday (Oct. 18) revealed that she and fellow RHOA alum Cynthia Bailey brushed shoulders.

“Listen chile…I told y’all I stepped out the other nite and bumped into several other people but what I didn’t tell you is that I bumped into The Cynthia Bailey hunni.”

She went on to write that she “had to read her down,” though NeNe revealed she was joking and noted that they had a great time. After all, she “can’t hold a grudge for too long!”

“Y’all know I can’t hold a grudge for too long! we literally laughed our a**es off! I am talking burst out loud ghetto laughter hunni.”

Beneath NeNe’s post, plenty of fans were absolutely here for the development. One user going by @mefisto73 hilariously referenced Cynthia’s “friendship contract” antic, which viewers saw unfold on RHOA.

“Friendship contract renewed!!”

Marlo Hampton showed support by writing a few heart emojis, and @_romeko warmly remarked, “Now this makes my heart glee. Looove Nene and Cynthia together.”

Of course, we have to note that Cynthia posted the same image, which was accompanied by a sweet message.

“yes, we have been through our ups and downs, but the love was always real. life is precious and way too short. i cherish all the incredible & UNFORGETABLE memories. moving forward in love, peace & always laughter.”

NeNe Accused Cynthia Of Pulling Shady Antics “Behind The Scenes”

This update follows NeNe sparking speculation that Cynthia “had a hand” in her firing.

As The Shade Room reported, NeNe made the comment during her sit-down with Carlos King, and she did not hold back while accusing Cynthia of pulling behind-the-scenes antics.

“She was definitely trying to stop [my bag] from Bravo. I know a lot of things she did. … She was in an alliance with Housewives and behind the scenes with producers and the network. I think she had a hand in trying to get [me fired].”

NeNe also cryptically added, “I just know some of the things that she has done behind the scenes that I could just never, ever, ever respect.”

While Leakes said she and Bailey could “work together,” she didn’t think it “would ever be possible” for them to reconcile.

“[Cynthia] was in alliance with housewives, producers and network … I believe she tried [to get me off the show]”

Oof… #RHOA

— Queens of Bravo (@queensofbravo) July 25, 2023

Despite NeNe Leakes’ commentary, it looks like she and Cynthia Bailey are moving forward!

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