NBA Youngboy’s mother Sherhonda Gaulden shares a Tik Tok video together with her viral tune

Music runs in the family when it comes to NBA Youngboy! His mother’s song, 46-year-old Sherhonda Gaulden, from 2013, “2 Could Play That Game,” is now going viral on Tik Tok and the kids have eaten it up. In the song, Sherhonda and a friend rap about A $ AP Rocky’s hit “F ** kin Problems” with Drake, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar.

Today she shared a Tik Tok video that mimics the Buss It Challenge. In the video, she appears in her robe and then changes to a completely black outfit, in which she raps to her song and sings the lyrics: “N *** s think it’s you, but it’s us! * s too. Two can play this game if we do what you do. “

Sherhonda’s song was published on her Soundcloud profile and has been on YouTube since 2019 in accounts that she did not like. To date, the video has received over 32,000 views and over 900 users have used the Soundbite on Tik Tok. Sherhonda even showed love to her fans, who reposted the video on Instagram. One of the reposts showed a man knocking with the caption “Sherhonda breaks the Internet”.

When we shared the video, the roommates in the comment section had gone crazy. One commented that her pants were unzipped in the video. “I’m going to need you to close this now lol.” Another commented: “Lala Milan is writing her script right now.”

Comedian Lala Milan, known for her hilarious reenactment videos and as Tia on the BET show “Boomerang”, made a video three hours later.

One commented, leaving several laughing emojis. “Lala better leave Sherhonda alone.” Lala even stepped into the shadow room and said, “Thank you, I love her.” Ms. Sherhonda is not new to making music. Last year she was featured on her son’s album in the song “Bout My Business”.

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