NBA YoungBoy’s girlfriend and his son’s mom, Jania, strive after Jania informs Meme of their scenario

When do people learn to review content before hitting “post” on social media? What Jania, the mother of NBA YoungBoy’s son Kacey, claims is a mistake that started a new beef between her and YoungBoy’s friend Jazlyn Mychelle.

It all started when Jania shared a viral meme with cartoon images of a black man and a black woman. The meme was used to describe relational relationship and situation problems.

The version Jania specifically shared showed the man telling the woman, “You just aren’t her” when she asked, “Bae, what’s going on?” When the woman asks “Who?” The man replies: “Jania.”

She shared with the headline “Perioooddd Birthday Countdown”. But what upset YB fans was the fine print on the meme she shared, which the woman labeled “Jaz” for Jazlyn and “YB” for NBA YoungBoy.

Fans were furious, trying to understand the shadow, as Jania hadn’t starred in any drama with YoungBoy and this was interpreted as a direct shot at his relationship with Jazlyn.

Jania realized what people were saying and apologized on Twitter for not seeing the names in the meme.

But the damage was already done.

Jazlyn responded on Twitter with a bare yet shady “Bae said she never could,” accompanied by a crying laughing emoji.

This triggered Jania, causing her to create a series of Tweets (some of which she deleted) and go live to fix the issue.

“I don’t want him, baby. Keep it ”, said Jania in the video.

Fans also reached out to Jaz for her response because YoungBoy mentioned that he wanted Jania back on his song “Red Eye”.

But if you’re like us, you’re probably also wondering what YoungBoy thinks about all of this, especially given that Yaya Mayweather has just given birth to his seventh child. Is that really even on his radar? I think we will find out.

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