NBA YoungBoy’s Boo Jazlyn and his son’s mom Yaya Mayweather seem to have obtained comparable messages from him behind bars

While NBA YoungBoy stays behind bars awaiting trial on his case, the ladies in his life keep the drama going and bang.

YoungBoy all smiled when he was jailed on a federal gun charge, and for the most part things were calm on his end, except for a few pictures he took of some inmates he is jailed with.

The rapper is expected to appear in court in June, leaving him in jail for at least another month and a half.

On Friday night, YoungBoy’s girlfriend Jazlyn Mychelle shared an alleged message from YB with fans.

The message read, “He said it’s cooler than my ice cream, I’m waiting to put it back on my neck. It’s all good to believe that.” Then she signed: “Sincerely, Kentrell.”

YoungBoy fans made it difficult for her, but probably no more so than his son’s mother, Yaya Mayweather.

Minutes after Jazlyn shared YoungBoy’s message, Yaya posted a similar message with the words “GIRL BYEEE,” which was clearly a stab at Jazlyn.

Yaya shared that YoungBoy may have used the same words to speak to the women in his life, but it is unclear how he communicated these messages to them.

We hope these ladies can hold it together because there is no telling how long NBA YoungBoy will be gone.

He stares at two federal charges related to a video shoot that saw guns present in October 2020. He had the video shoot in his hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

We will keep you informed about updates.

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