Natalie Portman tells how she speaks to her youngsters about injustice

Natalie Portmans passion for social justice extends to her home.

The Black Swan actress told E! News’ Francesca Amiker how she talks to her children about equality and notes that she has these conversations with her 6-year-old daughter Amalia Millepied and 12 year old son Aleph Millepied.

“I think it’s equally important to have this approach to people as equals – that men and women shouldn’t be treated differently and certainly not in the workplace,” Natalie, who shares her children with her husband Benjamin Millepiedsaid at Angel City FC’s season opener on March 26. “Women deserve to be valued for their work and to be rewarded for their work in the same way as men and in which they have invested.”

And the Oscar-winning actress embraces that mentality in her day-to-day life as co-founder of women’s soccer team Angel City FC, which will be the subject of the HBO docuseries Angel City, out this May. The team – what features Christen Press And Sydney Leroux in the lineup – entering her second season in the National Women’s Soccer League this year.

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