Nas’ 2013 funding in finance / expertise firm ‘Coinbase’ will carry him as much as $ 200 million after the corporate’s official IPO

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#Roommates, the legendary Nas starts the first half of 2021 on a serious winning streak when he won his first Grammy last month and is now ready to turn a multi-million dollar payday out of a very smart investment. Recent reports suggest that Nas could make up to $ 200 million on its returns after popular finance / tech company Coinbase finally went public.

@Forbes reports that Nas has been taking quiet steps in the tech and finance world for a number of years – and one of his earliest investments will bring him a great return. Nas investment firm, Queensbridge Venture Partners, invested in Coinbase back in 2013 with an initial amount of between $ 100,000 and $ 500,000. At the time, Coinbase was worth just $ 150 million – that’s now less than 1% of its current value after it went public on NASDAQ earlier this week.

Nas’ current stake in the company is estimated at $ 40 million. After the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange was valued at $ 99.6 billion after the IPO, its valuation hit over $ 100 billion in a matter of minutes, meaning Nas payday could reach any value from 34.76 to 34.76 $ 218.5 million for its return.

Shortly before Coinbase acted publicly, Nas tweeted: “Long crypto forever…. in sickness and health. “When he initially invested in the company in 2013, cryptocurrency was a very foreign concept that posed significant financial risk. Fortunately for Nas, he trusted his instincts for millions.

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