Mitch McConnell’s risk fails when large company cuts GOP money

More than 100 company and corporate executives responded to the Mitch McConnell threat by meeting to discuss the GOP shutdown.

The Washington Post reported:

The online call between company managers on Saturday shows that they are not intimidated by the flak. You won’t be intimidated, ”said Sonnenfeld. “They firmly believed that these voting restrictions were based on a flawed premise and were dangerous.”

… ..

“There was a defiance of the threats that companies should stay out of politics,” said Sonnenfeld. “They obviously refused, even if they were present (on call). However, they were there because they were concerned that voting restrictions were not in the public interest. “

Companies that participated in the conference call included Delta, American, United, Starbucks, Target, LinkedIn, Levi Strauss, and the Boston Consulting Group. NFL owner Arthur Blank was on the call too.

Threatening some of the largest corporations in the country for opposing the Republicans’ destruction of democracy is one of the most arrogant things Mitch McConnell has ever done in his political career. It was also one of the dumbest.

These companies are not going to let up, and for all companies that speak publicly there are exponentially more companies that do the same.
Mitch McConnell’s efforts to harass the American company have become a complete disaster for the Republican Party.

Businesses understand that democracy and capitalism go hand in hand. So if Republicans keep trying to destroy democracy, American corporation will become their powerful enemy.

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