Melissa Joan Hart Says Authentic Sabrina Will not Get a Reboot

Sabrina Spellman won’t be making funny jokes on TV anytime soon.

Melissa Joan Hart and most of the stars of ’90s sitcom Sabrina the Teenage Witch reunited March 18 at That’s 4 Entertainment 90s Con in Hartford, Connecticut. There, the actress was asked about the possibility of rebooting the comedy series with the original cast.

“No, I don’t think so,” she told E! What’s new at the convention. “There is too much bureaucracy to get through. I mean, I think we’d all have a lot of fun, but I don’t think just because we’re having a great time necessarily makes a good show. I think that it’s really hard to restart something, make it smart.”

The actress continued, “I think people have thought about it for too long and everyone has an idea of ​​what they want, but I don’t think it would ever make anyone happy.”

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