McDonald’s is reportedly including tuition and childcare to the sweetened advantages to draw new staff

The sign at the McDonald’s restaurant on Penn Ave in Sinking Spring, PA April 8, 2021 with a message on a board underneath that reads “Work Here $ 15 and Free Meals”.

Ben Hast | MediaNews Group | Getty Images

McDonald’s franchises are offering higher hourly wages, paid time off, and tuition fees to attract workers, as fast food chains and restaurants struggle to hire, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

The grocery chain shopkeepers also offer substitute childcare, according to the report. The benefit has become popular with businesses during the pandemic as employers and Americans emerging from the pandemic try to adapt.

Restaurants were among the hardest hit companies during the Covid shutdown, laying off many of their employees when sales stalled. With industry resuming full operation across the country, restaurants are struggling to keep up with demand.

Other large restaurant chains – including Papa John’s, Chipotle, and PF Chang’s – have similarly increased incentives for new hires, including sign-up rewards and expanded access to caregiver benefits.

According to the Journal, McDonald’s franchisees agreed last month to improve training, workplace flexibility, pay and benefits for workers in all markets.

In May, McDonald’s announced a roughly 10% pay increase for some of its workers as it rushed to hire workers and meet demand. The company expects an average hourly wage of $ 15 per hour by 2024.

The company did not immediately respond to the request for comment on the extended benefits.

Read the full report in the Wall Street Journal.

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