Matt Gaetz’s intercourse trafficking buddy works with the federal government to deliver him down

Joel Greenberg has been working with federal investigators since last year, providing evidence against Matt Gaetz.

The New York Times reported:

A former local Florida official who was indicted in the Justice Department investigation and who is also focused on Representative Matt Gaetz has been briefing investigators on a number of issues since last year, including Mr. Gaetz’s activities, according to two people, who have been informed of the matter.


Mr Greenberg started speaking to investigators when he realized that the government had overwhelming evidence against him and that his only way to be lenient was to cooperate, people said. He has met with investigators several times to determine his trustworthiness, although the range of criminal charges against him, including fraud, could undermine his credibility as a witness.

Greenberg takes the possible case against Gaetz to a completely different level. Greenberg has the ability to crush Gaetz’s defense that the Venmo payments were not made in exchange for sex. Greenberg takes the case beyond the paper and gives prosecutors an eyewitness who can tell the story of Matt Gaetz’s criminal behavior.

The possible case is no longer a question of Gaetz’s word to prosecutors. The investigators have a witness who has been providing information to the federal government for months. Losing his political career will be Matt Gaetz’s slightest problem. He will be lucky enough not to end up in jail.

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